Aerial silks is Hanne her main discipline and biggest passion. In this discipline, she created her own style and way of moving.


Aquila, which is latin for eagle, is Hanne her graduation project from The Academy For Circus And Performance Art. Characteristics of eagles are their freedom, strenght, strong eyes, light, flying, wings, powerful talons, hunting and their beauty. In this project, Hanne worked with those characteristics.

Video Hanne made out of the first draft of her graduation act 'AQUILA' in ACAPA, combined with images of eagles

Lenght: 7 minutes

Creation year: 2019


Act in free standing rigging

ideal act for a performance outdoor or indoor without a point to attach the silk. Hanne made a new act in this 6 meters high tripod, takes only 10 minutes to install and Hanne can bring it with her car (only europe)

Lenght: 6 minutes or longer version of 10 minutes

Creation year: 2019



Lenght: 6 minutes

Creation year: 2018


Hanne can also make new acts. Minimal height needed is 5 meters, but the higher, the better. Contact her for more information. 

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