Hanne Coeckelberghs discovered circus when she was ten years old. Already when she was young she couldn’t sit still and was climbing trees and trying to stand on her hands. She started with multidisciplinary circus-techniques like unicycling, juggling, acrobatics and much more as a hobby in her youth circus school 'Salto' in Belgium. Two years later, she discovered that she could learn aerial silks at this space and from the beginning was very motivated to learn this discipline. Hanne was studying science-mathematics in high school which she also wanted to study afterwards. However circus became her passion and she went to train every evening instead of studying and knew she would regret if she wouldn’t follow her dream of becoming a circus artist.
In 2015, she was accepted to the Academy for Circus and Performance Art, a professional circus school in the Netherlands and has since been working tirelessly for that dream.


Her main circus discipline and biggest passion is aerial silks, which she tries to bring to a different level. Hanne really loves to explore what is possible in the tissue and developed her own style. During her time studying circus, aerial silks was not enough for Hanne so started to develop handstands and aerial straps outside of her daily school schedule which she really enjoys to do also.